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Jessica Moore

My name is Jessica Moore. I currently live on a 5 acre property in Springbank but am originally from Ballan.

I grew up in Ballan, attending Ballan Kindergarten (a long, long time ago…) and Ballan Primary School. It brings me immense joy to be able to work with families and children of people who I went to school with and within a community in which I was raised myself. I have worked at Ballan Childcare Centre for 16 years and have worked in various roles throughout that time.

I have worked in the Toddler and Babies room as Room Leader. I have worked in all rooms as an Assistant Educator. I have also stepped in as temporary co-ordinator to help out in between when required.

I am currently Second-In-Charge and work in the rooms as a breaks reliever. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I can get to know all the children, families and educators within the centre while fulfilling this role.


I have completed my Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education and have also recently completed a course to allow me to take on the role of Health and Safety Representative for the centre. I am Educational Leader which allows me to work closely with all the Educators to ensure we are providing an enriching educational program for all children and continue to learn and grow ourselves, together as educators.

I am also a Certified Supervisor which allows me to be responsible for the service in the absence of Glenda, a role which I also enjoy as it offers me a chance to extend my knowledge and skills. I am extremely proud to work at Ballan Childcare and to be part of such an amazing team of Educators!

Child Care
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