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The Ballan Child Care Centre offers children a warm and loving, educationally rich, close to home environment to make them feel safe and comfortable. The Centre’s educational curriculum is Reggio Emilia inspired. This means that we view each child as a capable, active and confident learner and believe our role as educators is to work with your child’s natural curiosity and desire for self-expression as they explore the world.

Looking after your child at Ballan Child Care is a big team of trained and experienced staff who specialise in working with children. We understand it takes a special type of personality to connect with young children on their level and to establish a loving rapport with them. A good child care professional has the unique ability to strike a balance between supervision and participation. They know how to let kids be kids while making sure they are being watched and exposed to the right behaviour, stimulating situations and challenges they love to take on.

Professional care, along with following our well designed curriculum ensures that children learn new things while enjoying socialising and playing with other children.

Given the right environment, children learn to communicate better, learn faster and also imbibe other qualities such as sharing, team work and social manners.

In all our activities at Ballan Child Care, safety comes first. We regularly inspect all equipment and areas where children spend their time. Consistent supervision is a must at all times. You can expect the highest health and safety standards from us and rest assured there are workplace health and safety procedures in place at the centre.

Communication also plays a big role at Ballan Child Care - whether between teachers and kids or teachers and parents. We make sure parents are kept up to date with their child's development and performance. Staying connected with our families helps us improve our service and take feedback on board.

While we look after every detail on the client's side, we also make sure we tick all the boxes for the council too. The management at Ballan Child Care has a strong work ethic and we are fully compliant with all the council regulations.

Child Care
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Personalised attention, safe environment, experienced staff, great location - Ballan Child Care Centre has it all. To know more, please call the Ballan Child Care Centre Manager on

(03) 5368 1665


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